New campaign set up to target cyber bullying

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A CHRISTMAS campaign to raise awareness of cyber bullying and the web has been launched in Daventry.

The campaign, which focuses on gadgets and social media, is the initiative of Time2Talk, a young people’s counselling service in Daventry.

It has been launched in the run-up to Christmas when many young people receive new mobile phones, laptops, iPads and other gadgets that link in to social networks and other online services.

Andy Nixon, manager at Time2Talk, said: “At this time of year many people will be getting new phones, iPads, notebooks and PCs for Christmas.

“That, together with the surge in social networking sites, means that alongside all the fun stuff there are some serious things to consider, especially where young people are concerned.

“For example, the internet can be a hiding place for all sorts of bad people and parents need to be aware so they can take sensible precautions.

“Time2Talk has a great information leaflet produced by the Home Office with helpful tips and guidance. It’s called Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet and you get one free from us.

“Also for older teenagers who are out partying it may be time to take stock of all the potentially embarrassing photos that may ensue.

“Photos of you vomiting over a toilet bowl on a social networking site can come back and haunt you years later so be aware!

“Again there are some helpful tips and guidance to help you take control, as once you post a picture you lose control of it. So think before you drink! Have fun but stay safe!”

For more information visit, or call 01327 706706. The Abbey office is open 10am-2pm and 3.30pm-5.30pm Monday to Thursday, then 10am-2pm Friday, and 10am-noon on Saturdays.