New campaign set to take on the ‘tossers’

Littering campaign launched in the Daventry area
Littering campaign launched in the Daventry area

A campaign to tackle litter thrown from vehicles onto road sides across the Daventry district is urging people not be a ‘tosser’.

The Don’t be a Tosser campaign has been launched by the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership (NWP), made up of local authorities countywide.

The campaign launches on Monday and will warn motorists they could be fined £75 or more if they are seen tossing litter out of their vehicle.

It has seen posters go up along the county’s main roads, at petrol stations and fast food outlets as well as on local buses, bin lorries, council vehicles and messages on social media sites.

Chairman of the NWP, Cllr Chris Millar, said: “Whether it’s an apple core, cigarette butt or a burger bag, throwing litter from cars is not only anti-social but also illegal – and those seen doing so could be fined.

“There are much better ways to spend taxpayers’ money than cleaning up after these individuals, whose thoughtless actions are harming our local environment and wildlife. People think they’re much more anonymous throwing litter out of vehicles than dropping it elsewhere, but the comfort of their car is no hiding place.

“Our message to these offenders is clear – you are not invisible and anyone who sees you dropping litter can report you.

“Our campaign headline ‘Don’t be a Tosser’ is a play on words that’s designed to attract attention and get people thinking and talking about the problem of litter from vehicles. It’s used alongside an image of someone tossing their litter from a car, emphasising the meaning of the word in the context of our campaign.

Across the Daventry district, the campaign will target the A5 along Watling Street and the A45 through Braunston, Daventry, Flore and Weedon.

There will be a similar patrols taking place across the county.

It has already proved a successful anti-litter message in other parts of the UK, including Essex and Suffolk.

Littering comes with anything from a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice to prosecution in court and a fine of up to £2,500, plus any additional costs awarded.

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