New business is aiming to distract you from worries

Kevin Norris
Kevin Norris

A new business selling worry beads has been set up in Daventry by a man who says they have helped with this anxiety and depression.

Kevin Norris has formed The English Worry Bead Co. based at the iCon Centre. However it was his own personal experiences which led to him setting up the business.

Mr Norris, who lives on the Timken estate, said: “I was a business architect at Barclays and had to retire from the position due to ill health. I had suffered with a nervous breakdown.

“I had known about worry beads for a little while but had not got round to getting some so I asked my children to get some for Christmas just gone.

“I got given some but soon found they frayed very quickly and so I looked for some more robust options.

“I have found though that I have been the most calm with my condition that I have been for a long time and has made a massive difference.”

He also thinks launching the business is timely and can help with many conditions.

Mr Norris added: “There are a lot of problems with mental health, with stress and anxiety and these worry beads can help.

“It is not designed as a cure, it is meant as a distraction. That is why our motto is masters of the art of the distraction.

“These can be used to tackle stress, dieting and even stopping smoking.”

Mr Norris also blogs about his experiences using the beads and how he deals with situations.

He added: “Now that I have found something that helps and I want to share it with the rest of the world.”

For further information about the business and how worry beads can they help visit