New bedroom and hydro pool for Jago

Jago Worrall
Jago Worrall

The fundraising efforts of Daventry Express readers have paid for two big projects designed to make life easier for little Jago Worrall.

Since launching the campaign in January, the Gusher has helped raise almost £7,000 for the two-year-old, who continues to need round-the-clock care.

Work has just finished on a new bedroom and a hydrotherapy pool at the family’s Welton home, which will aidJago in his recovery.

His mum, Lyn, said: “His new bedroom will be downstairs in the family home and it will make an enormous difference to all of us.

“Having him downstairs means we haven’t got to lift him up and down the stairs and he will always be around.

“The room has already been specially adapted so Jago is able to undergo physio and it is a very bright stimulating room for him.

“He moved in on Tuesday and it will help him, as well as Riley and Ferdie who now also get their own separate rooms.”

Work has also been completed on a new hydrotherapy pool which will help Jago receive another vital method of treatment.

Mrs Worrall added: “The pool is also now cleaned and working again so Jago is once more receiving his hydrotherapy treatment, which is his favourite form of exercise and the difference to Jago’s overall wellbeing is extremely noticeable just after having a few sessions.

“Completing the outside has been a huge achievement and another ‘to do’ crossed off the list, so big thanks to everyone who helped with the construction.

She also said Jago was continuing to do well.

Mrs Worrall added: “He is doing okay, he has good days and bad days but we hope all of these things will make a huge difference.

“We were able to take him out into the fresh air of Salcey Forest at the weekend and that helped enormously.”

The family are already preparing for Jago’s third birthday which will be coming up at the end of the month.

Mrs Worrall said: “I think what we are going to be doing is having a few close friends over and having a little tea party which should be a really nice day.”

For further information about how Jago is getting on, search for The Jago Worrall Foundation on Facebook or follow him on Twitter with the handle @tweetjago