New £1000 fine for irresponsible dog owners

Dog fouling dog poo disposal bin PPP-151203-130351001
Dog fouling dog poo disposal bin PPP-151203-130351001

Daventry District Council (DDC) is set to introduce new laws which would see dog owners fined for failing to have the means to clean up after their pet.

The new powers could be put out to consultation with the public at a meeting of the council’s strategy group tonight (Thursday).

Enforced by dog wardens, it would force dog walkers to show they were carrying poop bags or containers or risk being given a fixed penalty notice of £100. Failure to pay could see the case end up in court.

A report will be presented to the council’s strategy group and its author has admitted that the scheme could be controversial among residents. Maria Taylor, community manager for DDC said: “It is recognised that the additional powers which form part of this consultation have the potential to be controversial.

“However, dog fouling continues to be a major concern for our residents and the narrow confined path around Daventry Country Park is a cause of concern to many persons who have to pass close to dogs that are not under proper control.”

Dog mess has been a problem in both the town, the estates and villages across the Daventry district. DDC recognises the problem is likely to be under-reported, or with parish councils fielding many of the complaints.

Residents who have carried out clean ups of Daventry have welcomed the plans but they did have some reservations. Jacquie Ward, who lives on the Grange estate said: “Personally anything that can reduce the dog fouling is a good thing, although irresponsible dog owners will carry dog bags and still fail to grab it, bag it and bin it.

“Irresponsible dog owners are only a few, but annoy the responsible dog owners the most.

“We won’t know for sure if it will make a difference until the rule has been accepted and tested.”

Also on the agenda for the strategy group is plans for the extension of The Phoenix Centre in Daventry, funding for the Flore/Weedon bypass and to give approval for the Yelvertoft Village Design Statement.

The meeting will be held at the council’s offices at Lodge Road at 6.15pm.