Neighbourhood plan fails to win support

Plans to give Daventry residents more of a say in the development of the town have fallen at the first hurdle following a meeting on Monday.

A motion to set up a Neighbourhood Plan for Daventry was put forward at the meeting of Daventry Town Council.

It was proposed by town councillor Maureen Luke and seconded by councillors, Sheila Game and Keith Simpson.

The proposal, which was aimed at giving people greater ownership of the plans and policies going on in the local area, did not get through after a vote at Monday’s night meeting.

Cllr Luke, who put forward the motion, said at the meeting: “I just think it is a golden opportunity for the people in the town.

“The Government has backed them and there will be the opportunity to claim some money to put this project together.”

The motion stated the town council will actively promote and co-ordinate efforts to pursue a neighbourhood plan as well as organising a public meeting to gauge the level of interest in the neighbourhood plan.

It also stated the town council would employ consultants to help in forming the neighbourhood plan.

However, the motion came under fire from other councillors who stated the motion left many unanswered questions.

Cllr Glenda Simmonds said: “I think there are several items that need to be discussed following this motion. One of which is what area of Daventry is this actually going to cover.

“The motion also states that the town council will employ consultants to help with the neighbourhood plan.

“We haven’t looked into the finances of this and whether we have the budget to employ consultants.”

Cllr Lynne Taylor said: “I think there is too much in this motion that needs to be considered.

“One of the things we haven’t looked at is the effect that this is going to have on our office staff. There is going to be a lot of extra work for them if we take on this project.”

Only four councillors voted for the plan, with seven refusing to support it and one abstension.