Nearly 400 items need repairing at the church

All Saints Church Braunston
All Saints Church Braunston

Repair work has begun to the Grade II listed All Saints’ Church in Braunston after falling mortar deemed part of the building unsafe to enter.

The community in Braunston have been raising funds for the £250,000 needed for the work after a survey of the building revealed 238 items required repair.

The church roof was the biggest and most urgent concern until a large lump of masonry crashed to the floor from the stonework around one of the windows.

Secretary of the Friends of All Saints’ Church, the charity set up to raise funds, Owen Davies said: “It was just as a Sunday service was coming to an end and it was lucky no one was hurt. But that is why the first project had to be repairing the windows – and that is what we started doing about ten days ago.”

Since setting up in September 2012 the Friends of All Saints’ Church have raised £57,000 through a barn dance, a promise auction and through its appeals.

Mr Owen said the ‘bombshell’ of the cost of repairs was a wake up call for the community but that members of the church felt it was necessary to carry out the repairs.

Mr Owen said: “Members felt it was absolutely vital to save the building and ‘saving the building’ is not putting it too strongly – someone has already suggested that knocking it down and starting again would be a cheaper option but is not one we are going to consider.

“The church is important, not just for the community of Braunston but for those from far and wide, both church goers and non-churchgoers.”

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