National protesters march with message

YOUNG campaigners were in Daventry town centre this week to demonstrate their anger at a lack of jobs for their generation.

The protesters passed through the High Street on Wednesday as part of a month-long march which started from Jarrow, in Tyne and Wear, on October 1 and will finish in Trafalgar Square, London on November 5.

The route of the march, organised by Youth Fight For Jobs, imitates the famous Jarrow March of 1936, which was also a protest against unemployment.

The group held a rally in Daventry High Street at 3.30pm before marching along the A45 to Northampton.

Nicholas Doyle, one of the organisers of the Northampton and Daventry rallies, said: “What we are saying is that we are being made to pay for a crisis we did nothing to cause. They should not be sacking the public sector workers but should be investing in green technologies.

“More and more young people are unemployed and it’s becoming harder and harder for them to find jobs as they have no experience.”

Fellow marcher Lizi Gray, 17, is following in her great grandad’s footsteps as he did the first march in 1936.

She said: “I got involved in politics after the Government put up tuition fees.

“I believe that will leave a whole class of young people less educated, and they have the ability, just not the money.”

When the Jarrow marchers arrive in London, after travelling 330 miles, they will hold a mass rally when they will be demanding a Government scheme to create jobs which are socially useful, paying at least the minimum wage, with no youth exemptions.

On Sunday the marchers will leave Northampton to travel to Milton Keynes.