Musician from Staverton to re-release LP he wrote and recorded back in 1974

John Golding back in the 1970s.
John Golding back in the 1970s.

A musician from Staverton is to re-release an LP that originally hit the shelves of music shops in 1974.

Photographs was recorded by John Golding when he was 27 and released by Atlantic Records, but now John has copyright permission to release the music once again.

The album was produced by Bob Harris (a host of The Old Grey Whistle Test at the time), and includes tracks with orchestral arrangements from Rick Wakeman.

John said: “I started out at the Dun Cow folk club at the pub in Daventry, but I wanted to record an album to promote myself a bit, so I set up Cottage Records, which is still going today.

“I wrote all the songs myself, so I would say it is contemporary folk – it’s very English. I was influenced at the time by all those artists from my generation – Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, particularly their simpler songs. But this particular album has it’s own sound as well.

“It started when I did an LP and sent it out and it got picked up by Radio 1, and I did a lot of John Peel sessions and Bob Harris sessions as well.

“Bob took me along to Atlantic Records and helped persuade them to give me an album, which they did but only if Bob produced it.

“Rick Wakeman was in hospital, after a heart attack I think, and was getting a bit bored, so he agreed to work on four of the tracks.”

The LP features a photo of John and his mother in Brook Street, Daventry on the front, and John as an adult at Fawlsey park on the reverse. The album was released in 1974 and remained available for a year. But because it owned by Atlantic Records, John and his own record label, could not produce a version themselves as it would breach copyright.

John said: “Cottage Records has put a few things out, and we sell albums on eBay. We used to get the odd letter, but in recent years we’ve had more people getting in touch. Cottage Records has its won website and I kept getting email requests for this particular album – although the people writing didn’t seem to realise I also run the record label!

“Getting permission from Atlantic took a long time. It took a while for them to realise I had actually worked for them. Once when I was in New York and I decided to go to their offices in Rockefella Plaza, and they wouldn’t let me in because they didn’t believe I had ever recorded for them!

“Finally we’ve got the permission, the CDs are being made right now, and it’s being released hopefully at the end of the month.

“It will be on CD because I like the feel of having something to hold, and being able to read the notes as well.

“I’m not expecting it to make money – it’ll probably cost me money in fact. But I didn’t want to see this LP be forgotten and the songs lost.”