Murder trial day two: Man accused of murdering partner shouted ‘I’m sorry I’ve killed her’

Northampton Crown Court GVNorthampton Crown Court GV
Northampton Crown Court GV
A Daventry man accused of murdering his partner shouted out ‘I am sorry I’ve killed her’ according to eye witnesses at the scene, the jury at Northampton Crown Court heard today.

Erroll Anglin, 50, denies the murder of Christine Haye-Levy in Daventry on December 11, 2012.

The prosecution case is that Anglin stabbed Ms Haye-Levy with a kitchen knife, causing multiple stab wounds, one of which was just below her collar bone and punctured her right lung. The first day of the hearing heard that the incident happened during an argument between the pair and that Ms Haye-Levy escaped through a dining room window.

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During the second day of the hearing, a witness for the prosecution described seeing the victim on the grass outside his house.

He said: “It appeared to me that a man was giving her CPR. I got dressed and went outside and realised my front door was covered in blood. Then I saw the lady to my left and she was motionless on the grass.

“He [Anglin] shouted ‘I’m sorry I have killed her’ but I’m not sure who he was directing it at.

“I called the police again and Mr Anglin just stood there, almost waiting to be arrested and he had his hands behind his back. He had blood on his shirt and I think he had blood on his hands. As I walked past him, I asked him ‘why?’ but he didn’t respond.”

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Defending, Mr Redgrave, asked the witness if he had seen blood around the mouths of Mr Anglin and Ms Haye-Levy. He then put to the witness whether that could have been an attempt to save Ms Haye-Levy by administering mouth to mouth. a neighbour said that was possible, though he did not see that.

Prosecuting, Matthew Lowe, also read admissions to the jury from Ms Haye-Levy’s GP. The notes detailed that Ms Haye-Levy said she was a victim of domestic violence and suffered threats and cigarette burns. The GP also noted a fresh burn to MS Haye-Levy that she said was from the night before.

A friend of the couple also told the court Ms Haye-Levy had suffered at the hands of Mr Anglin in the past.

The woman, who worked with Ms Haye-Levy at BUPA in Bedfordshire before moving to Long Buckby, told the jury how the deceased was frightened of Mr Anglin, who was aggressive and got ‘very angry, very quickly.’

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She recounted how Ms Haye-Levy moved to Kings Street, in Long Buckby, where they spent a lot of time together before moving to her final home in Jervis Close, in Daventry, in 2008.

She said: “I saw bruises on her on several occasions and she showed me an old scar on her arm that she got while they were living in Birmingham. She said he had slashed her.”

Defending, Mr Redgrave, said the friend had exaggerated what she had seen and described during in her evidence.

The case continues.

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