Mums go back to school for the day to mark special occasion

TWO village schools celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting parents into class to spend time with their children.

At Badby School mothers joined in with arts and crafts activities, and at St Lawrence Primary School in Napton parents visited for a special lunch.

Badby School headteacher Catriona Eckland said: “We do try to involve the parents regularly and, in this case, it was to tie in with Mother’s Day.

“The mums were invited to come in with their children to do activities for the afternoon.

“They did things like colouring and sticking, just lots of arts and crafts activities.

“Doing things like this creates a really good link and helps parents to be, and feel like, a part of the school.

“We are planning on doing a similar thing for Father’s Day.”

St Lawrence head-teacher John Brine added: “We held a lovely Mother’s Day lunch at the school.

“There were 50 mums and grandmothers that came along.

“The parents are hugely involved with the school and this was a really nice event.

“They spent the entire lunch hour at the school with their children both in the canteen and in the playground.

“The children enjoyed it and it was an absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

“It’s the first time we’ve marked Mother’s Day in this way and the next big event we are planning is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee where we will be doing something in partnership with the parish council.”