Mum’s search for mystery life-saver

Pictured is Charlie Phipps
Pictured is Charlie Phipps
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A Daventry mum is appealing to find the mystery woman who saved her son’s life after he choked on a boiled sweet handed out by Waitrose staff.

Six-year-old Charlie Phipps from Timken was helping his mum do the shopping on Saturday, September 28 when Waitrose staff made what they are now admitting to be an ‘error of judgement’ in giving him a sweet.

Mrs Phipps said: “It was about 11.30am and we were walking around the store. All of a sudden in the chiller aisle Charlie started to choke.

“I didn’t know what was going on because I hadn’t realised he’d been given a sweet and his face turned from red to white. He just couldn’t breathe, it was horrific.”

Mrs Phipps was in a state of panic when a member of the public who said she ran a playgroup stepped in to take charge. She said: “A lady came out of nowhere and took charge. She told me not to worry and that she would sort it. She took complete control and told me how to hold Charlie’s head to dislodge the sweet.

“She managed to remove it so that he could breath again but if it hadn’t been for her I don’t know what would have happened. She saved his life without question. I am so grateful.”

Mrs Phipps said when her son was choking she did not take in anything the mystery lady said, including her name.

She would now like to contact her so that she and Charlie could say thank you personally for her actions. Waitrose would also like to present her with a bottle of champagne.

Waitrose department manager, Stephen Walker, said: “We’re very sorry this happened. We’ve spoken to Charlie’s mother to apologise personally.

“Handing out boiled sweets was an error of judgment and we’ve taken action to make absolutely sure this won’t happen again.”

If you are the lady who helped Charlie please contact the Daventry Express newsdesk so you can be put in touch with the Phipps family.