Mum from Daventry district village becomes an internet hit with her ‘Twerking Miss Santa’ video

Mel Hancock in her first video
Mel Hancock in her first video

A woman from Preston Capes has become an internet sensation thanks to a rather odd video she made.

Mel Hancock, who runs Vizard Face and Body Art, posted the video online as a festive joke for her friends and family, but the clip soon went viral and has been viewed more than 12 million times, leading to calls from as far afield as Taiwan to use the video.

Using a drawing of Miss Santa on her nose, Mel makes her twerk her way along to jingle bells.

Mel said: “There was a video earlier in the year that someone did, and because of my business I kept getting tagged in it by everyone.

“As it got close to Christmas I remembered the video and thought it’d be fun to do a festive ones for my friends.

“I put it on Youtube, Facebook and my other accounts, and it just took off.

“Because of the views it’s been getting online, I’ve had to hire a media licencing agent to handle the requests to use it!

“I’ve had TV producers contacting me asking to use it including a new channel in Taiwan.

“One of my sons said if it got to five million views we should do another and he would pick the song. And it passed that so we did a second video with Santa himself this time.

“My other son then said if it hit 10 million he should get to pick the tune for a third video. Well, we’re on 12 million views now so they’ll be a third video coming out soon!

“It’s a little bit overwhelming – I’m not sure how to take it.

“People that I know are calling me a celebrity now, but I don’t think I am – I’ve not been recognised in the street yet!”