Mum appeals for support to help son with disorder

Carla Pasfield and her son Callum ( 13 )
Carla Pasfield and her son Callum ( 13 )
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A DAVENTRY mother is appealing for mobile phones for a scheme which will provide her son, who suffers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with an iPad.

Carla Pasfield needs to collect 185 phones to get her 13-year-old son Callum an iPad as part of the Hearts and Minds Challenge, raising funds to support families touched by autism.

She has only five so far but hopes that people will donate to the cause not only in support of autism but also to provide Callum with an interactive source of entertainment and learning.

Mrs Pasfield, of Anson Close, said: “An iPad would help Callum a lot because they put learning apps on to help with maths and other subjects. There are also games that can help with school work in general.”

Mrs Pasfield said Callum finds it difficult to interact with other children.

Her sister alerted her to the Hearts and Minds Challenge which she knew could be of help to Callum.

Mrs Pasfield added: “Anyone can get involved it’s not just for people with ADHD or autism.

“They send a courier out to collect the phones and they post your iPad back. It’s a really good scheme and is great for those on a low income who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford an iPad.”

Mobile phones to support the cause can be dropped in at the Daventry Express offices on the High Street.