MP puts his name to our superfast broadband appeal

DAVENTRY’S MP has given his official backing to the Gusher’s broadband campaign.

Chris Heaton-Harris called into the office last week to sign our petition and explain why he thinks superfast broadband is so vital to the region.

Last month we launched a campaign to make sure the Daventry district gets a fair share of the investment when high internet speeds are rolled out across Northamptonshire over the next couple of years.

Mr Heaton-Harris said: “I’m delighted to support this campaign and I really want to encourage people to sign the petition.

“Superfast broadband can add value to people’s houses and is the future of a lot of things we do.

“Daventry has a lot of things going for it and this needs to be another thing to add to the list. It will help attract business and if we don’t have superfast broadband here then businesses will move to a place that does.

“We all do so many things on the internet these days that I believe it’s as important as gas, electric and water.”

The Daventry Express is aiming to gather 1,000 signatures which will then be presented to Northamptonshire County Council and BT.

NCC currently has £34 million to spend on superfast broadband through Government grants and private investment.

BT is also spending £2.5 billion in a bid to get high internet speeds to two thirds of the UK by 2015.

Last week East Midlands rural watchdog the CLA (Country, Land and Business Association) raised concerns about BT’s investment, saying the funding may make the already fast areas faster rather than addressing the needs of the countryside.

Director Andrew Shirley, said: “We welcome BT’s investments, although these are places that already have a decent broadband service.

“BT should focus on those rural areas with barely adequate broadband or none at all. The final third of the country still lacks any broadband service and will be even further behind by 2015.”

To sign the Gusher’s petition pop into our office on the High Street, visit and search for Daventry or go to