MP calls for support for new petition

Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris NNL-140423-101323001
Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris NNL-140423-101323001

Residents of the Daventry constituency are being asked to sign to a new petition in support of the English votes for English Laws campaign.

Chris Heaton-Harris, Daventry’s MP, launched the petition on Saturday asking voters to register their support to help push through measures preventing Scottish MPs voting in Parliament on issues affecting English constituencies .

Following the referendum on Scottish devolution last year Prime Minister David Cameron has faced renewed calls from back bench Conservative MPs for a resolution to the so-called “West Lothian Question” as well as greater devolution to local authorities in England.

In particular, the preferential treatment given to Scottish students at universities in Scotland has come under fire.

Now Mr Heaton-Harris, who has previously been vocal in his support of English devolution, said he wishes to demonstrate there is a groundswell of popular support among his constituents for the campaign.

“The first petition I ever handed in was a petition collected in East Haddon to get rid of the Barnett formula. There has a been a strength of feeling about this issue in my constituency since before I was elected but the Scottish referendum brought this issue to a head nationally.”

He added the West Lothian Question, along with concerns about immigration, were among the issues most often raised when talking to voters.

“The point of this is something needs to be done to resolve the issue before the next general election to prove to people their concerns have been listened to.”

While the campaign of English Votes for English Laws is partly a party political issue, Mr Heaton Harris said he was “absolutely sure” a resolution to the issue would gather cross party support.

Mr Heaton-Harris added many people forget there is a solution to the issue of voting equality which does not involve the passing of legislation, instead creating what is in effect a committee of English MPs to vote on English matters. Conservative MPs are planning to hand in their petitions to Parliament in February.

To sign the petition online, visit