MP backs broadband campaign

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DAVENTRY MP Chris Heaton-Harris believes having superfast broadband is now as vital as gas, electric and water.

The MP is the latest person to back our campaign to make sure the Daventry district gets its fair share of investment when high internet speeds are rolled out across the county.

Northamptonshire County Council is spending £34 million on superfast broadband through Government grants and private investment. And BT is spending £2.5 billion across the UK in a bid to get superfast broadband speeds to two thirds of the country by 2015.

Mr Heaton-Harris said: “I wrote to Ed Vaizey (minister for culture, communications and creative industries) when I first heard about plans by BT and the county council in a bid to try and make sure superfast broadband comes to the Daventry district.

“There’s parts of the town and also rural areas where broadband connection needs to be improved. If we are going to be at the heart of the e-commerce age we need superfast broadband, it’s vital to helping provide jobs and investment.

“I think it should now be a utility that has to be connected to each house, it’s that important. I do honestly think it’s as important as gas, electric and water. These days just about every generation is using the internet.

“I’m going to sign the Gusher’s petition and I think it’s vital for Daventry to get superfast broadband as quickly as possible.”

To sign the petition go to www. and search for Daventry.