Motions before Daventry District Council to condemn hate crime and racism

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The issues of racism and hate crime will be discussed by district councillors tonight.

Two motions are being put before the council, one from Conservative members and another from the Labour side.

Both speak about how the council condemns racism and hate crimes, how all residents of the district are valued members of the community, and how councillors take pride in living in a diverse and tolerant society.

Northamptonshire has not seen an increase in racist or xenophobic crimes since the Brexit vote.

Councillors Alan Hills and Colin Poole (both from the Conservative benches) will introduce a motion calling on the council to condemn racism, xenophobia and hate crime, stating: “We must not allow hate to become acceptable” and calling on the council to work with its partners to prevent the issue.

At the same meeting Labour’s Ken Ritchie and Wendy Randall will put forward a motion along similar lines.

Theirs adds to the Tories’ theme by stating that all people living in the district, whatever their nationality, race or religion, are valued members of our community.

It also calls on the district council to form a cross-party working group with representatives from the town council and minorities in the district to prepare proposals on practical steps which might be taken to promote harmony and understanding between the communities who live in the district.