Motion fails to inspire change at council

A MOTION to hold a public consultation on changing the way voting takes place for council seats at Daventry District Council failed last week.

Labour leader Cllr Wendy Randall and Cllr Abigail Campbell proposed the motion to ask voters if they wanted to change the current election by a thirds system to full council elections.

At present one third of DDC seats are put up for election each year, with a break in the fourth year.

The proposal would have seen elections for all the seats take place at the same time once every four years.

However many councillors believed that in having full council elections DDC could lose a lot of experience in one go and risked de-stabilising the council. However Cllr Randall believed new councillors could bring fresh ideas to the table.

Cllrs Randall and Campbell predicted a potential saving of £36k a year by holding full council elections, while other councillors debated this figure with one calling into question their motives.

Cllr Steve Osboure said: “I don’t believe the motion is anything to do with costing - I believe I would be proposing the same motion if I was in opposition.”

Cllr Randall has since said: “It was just a motion for a consultation to let the tax payer decide which voting method they prefer - that’s all I wanted.”