Mother’s warning to be vigilant after fast thieves steal her car from the driveway

A LONG BUCKBY mother is warning drivers not to leave their cars unattended after her new Audi A4 was stolen from the driveway on Friday (January 18).

Emma Sharp took her eyes off her car for a few seconds as she went back into her home on East Street to collect her nine-year-old daughter when it was stolen.

She said: “It’s unbelievable and I would like to warn people not to leave their keys in the car.

“I was warming my car up at around 8.35am to defrost the windows, I had my eyes on the car almost the whole time.

“But I looked away for a minute when I went back into the house and it was gone.”

Mrs Sharp has been forced to work from home as her car was her only mode of transport to her job as a contracts estimator in Kettering.

She said: “I feel terrible, I am now having to walk and I am just lucky my husband has a car for longer journeys.”

Superintendent Andy Cox from Northamptonshire police also warned of the danger of leaving cars unattended while running.

“Every year we have cars stolen in Northamptonshire after people have started their vehicle and left it with the keys in the ignition while it warms up.

“This is an open invitation to opportunist criminals so we are asking people to please stay with their vehicle if it is unlocked and don’t offer that temptation.”