Morning of delight for Parker Academy as students get GCSE results

With just over 10 per cent of entries awarded the new 9-7 grade, today has been a morning of real delight for Parker Academy students, says the school's interim headteacher.

Overall, 30 per cent of students attained a 5+ in both English and maths, and 51 per cent attained 4+ in the same two subjects.

Top achiever Kayleigh Smith

Top achiever Kayleigh Smith

The new grading system was introduced for English and maths last year but is now in place for other subjects such as the sciences, history, geography and modern foreign languages.

Kayleigh Smith was Parker's top achiever with her grade 9 in five subjects, grade 8 in three subjects and a grade 7.

James Hayden-Swain attained grade 9 in two subjects, grade 8 in five subjects and grade B.

Olivia Ferguson attained grade 9 in two subjects, grade 8 in another two subjects, grade 7 in three subjects and a grade 6.

Mr Bhavin Tailor, interim headteacher at The Parker E-ACT Academy said: "Today is a testament to the hard work of our students and staff here at the academy.

"With reformed GCSE nationally, this has been a testing year for everyone; our students have delivered well in spite of this.

"With tears of joy and amazement, this morning saw a large number of students who were very pleased with their results.

"A number have since successfully enrolled into the Daventry Sixth Form.

"As an academy community, we are delighted to be celebrating these excellent results together."

Parker Academy will welcome just under 200 students in Year 7 this September with 122 having left in Year 11.