More snow expcted for Daventry area

FURTHER snow has been predicted for the county today with the Met Office forecasting between 2cms and 5cms expected.

The timing of the snowfall is uncertain, but potentially driving conditions could be difficult during the drive home from work.

The overnight snowfall has not created any serious problems on the county’s roads although traffic police have been notified of some minor road traffic collisions.

We would advise you to allow plenty of time for journeys in adverse weather conditions and not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy in that all lights are working and visible and that wipers and heaters are fully functional.

Drive appropriately to the conditions - where the conditions are tricky slow down, allow plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead of you and brake sparingly, using the gears to slow the vehicle wherever possible.

Carrying a shovel and a spade in the vehicle is recommended and ensure you have something to eat and drink at hand should you break down or face a lengthy delay.