More people report phone line problems

A series of technical difficulties have resulted in residents on the Monksmoor Park estate going without a phone or internet connection for more than four months.

Since our report last week on one resident’s issues with getting connected ,four more residents from across the estate have contacted The Gusher reporting similar problems.

Glenn Cameron moved into his new build on St Olave Close in late September.

He said he was originally supposed to move in August, but was told by the developer Crest Nicholson two weeks before that there would be a delay because a substation on the estate had not been activated.

Mr Cameron said: “My understanding from meeting with the site manager was that when putting services into a site they have to be installed in a certain order, with telephone lines coming last.

“The phone lines were a distinct afterthought. When we moved in there was a little bit of phone cable on a rope tied to a brick.”

Like other Monksmoor residents, Mr Cameron has a standard BT Infinity box that serves as a hub for both his phone and internet connection. However ,there has been a delay in activating the service.

He said: “It has been painful experience for people who have just moved into the estate. There has been a lot of trust placed in this developer, but it has demonstrated an ongoing lack of foresight. I think Crest Nicholson has failed in its planning for having those services available.”

Adam Cook, who lives on Castle Acre, added: “It is a bit of a joke to be honest. I bought my house and moved in on September 1. I have been trying to get a landline ever since.”