More dog bins call for village

A PARISH council is consideing plans to introduce more dog bins in the village following complaints from residents.

Byfield Parish Council received the complaint about roads in the village and the issue looks set to be discussed at a future parish council meeting.

Chairman of the parish council John Cannell said: “We would have a look at putting more dog bins into the village if there was a demand for it.

“We would have to find the most sensible place for them and ask Daventry District Council if they are happy to pick up mess from more bins.”

The village has experienced problems with dog fouling in the past and the football club has to do a sweep of the pitch before matches to clear it up.

Cllr Cannell added: “I do not think the problems are any worse than they have been. We had this problem and I think the majority of dog owners have got the message about picking it up.

“The message has not got through to the more irresponsible dog owners yet though, as they still leave the mess around.

“We shall have further discussions with the parish council and see what we can do.”