Moot Hall signs plea

A REQUEST asking for Moot Hall signs in the town to be reinstated will be sent to Northamptonshire County Council (NCC).

The Daventry Express reported last week how signs pointing to the historic building have been painted over.

Paul Bowditch and Dawn Willets, who run the Pigeon Hole from the Moot Hall, said people are now unable to locate the building.

They had contacted Daventry District Council, NCC and the Daventry Business Partnership, but no-one took responsibility for the signs.

However at a town council meeting on Monday it was determined that NCC is in charge of the signs.

Cllr Peter Luke said: “This is a building of historic value so there should be a sign pointing towards it.

Cllr Eric Macanndrais added: “It’s a building that we need to promote so these signs should not be painted over.”

Some concerns were raised by councillors about the affect reinstating the signs would have. Cllr Steve Tubb said: “It’s now a business, so if it has a sign pointing to it, other businesses could say they also want a sign.”

Despite that the town council agreed to write to NCC asking for the signs to be amended.