Monkmoor resident left without phoneline


A man was left without a phone and internet connection for more than three months after he moved into his new house on Monksmoor Park in Daventry .

Mark Wall, who is 48, is a self employed electrician running his own business from his terraced house on Cartmel Road.

He said: “They said the site was ready to go, but when I moved in the fiberoptic was not even installed.”

But even after a routine installation of a fibre-optic cable and BT Infinity Box, Mr Wall said he was forced to rely on a dongle and mobile phone, and despite repeated calls to BT the issues were not resolved.

“It was a nightmare. Mr Walls said. “It has cost me between £20 and £30 a month ringing up BT about this problem.

“I have five A4 pages of notes after making complaints to them.”

Mr Wall said there were four other houses on the estate also without access to internet or phone lines.

“It is ridiculous. The dongle I use is very slow. I use email to send out quotes, and this morning I had clients ringing me up saying they hadn’t received them.”

Mr Wall said he had been told the issues would be solved by lunchtime yesterday (Wednesday, October 29).

The Gusher has approached BT for comment but at the time of printing they had not responded.