Missing crossing in Daventry causes road chaos

Pictured is Brian Green near the crossing in New Street, Daventry.
Pictured is Brian Green near the crossing in New Street, Daventry.

Pedestrians have been left scratching their heads over the mysterious disappearance of a crossing which is causing traffic chaos in 
Daventry town centre.

The crossing, which connects Bowen Square and New Street, was taken away last week without any warning. However NCC has since said it was removed for vital repairs and be back in place by Monday.

But, in the meantime, it has caused confusion for both pedestrians and drivers who do not know who has right of way on the approach to the former crossing.

Tony Coates, from Tony’s Taxis in Daventry, said: “This is an accident waiting to happen because a lot of the time people are just walking across the road like they have the right of way. But they do not, it is the drivers that have the right of way.

“It is causing cars to stop suddenly so at times you are getting a real backlog of traffic coming up either side of the road.”

He was also disappointed with the actions of Northamptonshire County Council in failing to warn people about the intended work.

Mr Coates added: “There was no warning, no one was told about what was happening. I feel like something temporary should have gone up at the very least enabling people to cross safely.”

Brian Green, a resident, said: “The less able-bodied have to hope that motorists will be patient enough to give them time to cross.”

NCC stated there had been electrical problems with the crossing and that repairs were vital. The authority also said there had been complaints from the residents that the crossing was not working.

An NCC spokesman said: “The previous pedestrian crossing was not functioning properly and had intermittent faults which needed to be repaired on several occasions.

“As a result a new pedestrian crossing is being installed and work is currently taking place to do this.

“While work is taking place, signs have been erected indicating that the crossing is not in operation.

“New columns will be put up in the next few days and then we will be working with the power company to upgrade the electrical system feeding the lights.

“The new crossing should be working by Monday.”