Miraculous: Blind grandfather’s sight suddenly returns

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A GRANDFATHER who was told he’ll never see again has looked into his granddaughter’s eyes for the first time after a ‘miraculous’ recovery.

George Hudspeth has been registered blind for 10 years, and fully blind for the past five months. But he was shocked when his sight suddenly returned last week.

The 76-year-old, who lives in Charlecote Way on the Middlemore estate, Daventry, was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration which can not be treated.

But his sight started to return last Tuesday after he had picked up a photograph of his late wife Sheila who died in November 2009.

Later that week he was overjoyed to see his five-month-old Kelly-Mae Dicks for the first time.

For more on Mr Hudspeth’s amazing story, see this week’s Daventry Express.