Minister’s visit to Daventry district focuses on green fuel crops

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A GOVERNMENT minister paid a visit to the Daventry area to find out more about environmental technologies.

Charles Hendry, the Energy Minister paid a visit to Charles Jackson and Co. in Long Buckby on Monday.

The firm is a champion of biomass fuels – crops grown locally and burnt to create carbon-neutral energy.

Miscanthus, or elephant grass, is grown by a number of farmers in the Daventry area already.

The crop grows to three metres tall (10ft) in a year and regrows without the need to replant.

Once dried it makes a good fuel that can be used for central heating.Daventry district councillor Richard Atterbury was at the visit. He said: “The minister saw the work Charles Jackson was doing and was told that miscanthus could be used to heat homes on small developments from a central source.

“He certainly seemed interested in it all.”