Members needed for youth council

YOUNGSTERS are being encouraged to form a new youth council and have a say on issues affecting their village.

Flore Parish Council is hoping to set up the new group which would be run completely by youngsters living in the area.

But more members are needed in order for the youth council to get off the ground.

The parish council has already had some interest in the scheme and now wants to hear from more young people who are interested in getting involved.

The current councillors will help by explaining what it’s like to be a member of a parish, which they hope will help make the youth council a success.

Flore Parish Council chairman Paul Boans said: “The parish are really taken by the idea.

“When it all starts I will sit in on the youth council and be the administrator to help get them established.

“Once the youth council has met a few times it can discuss relevant matters and report back to the parish, and it can also participate in the youth parliament.”

Cllr Boans now wants to hear from any young people in Flore who are interested in local government and political issues.

He added: “Not only will teenagers be expressing their rights but they will be learning to some degree as the council want to offer this as a form of an apprenticeship.”

A couple of youngsters have already shown interest, and only a minimum of six members are needed to get it up and running.

Cllr Boans said: “It just shows that there is an interest in this, it’s nice to get that enthusiasm. You have to remain positive and I would love to hear from those who are interested in joining.”

If you are interested in joining the youth council, are aged between 11 and 18 and live in the parish area, or if you would like more information, contact Cllr Boans on 01327 340305.