Meet the new head of Daventry police

Andy Hall
Andy Hall

The new sector commander for Daventry has pledged to build on the good work of his predecessor and her team.

Inspector Andy Hall started on Bank Holiday Monday in charge of the police in Daventry. He replaces the outgoing Insp Carol Fullerton who moves to another department within Northamptonshire Police.

He takes on the new role alongside his current position in the same role in South Northamptonshire.

Insp Hall said: “This is a very exciting opportunity. I have been working in the force for the past 24 years.

“I have worked across the county in that time. I have never worked in Daventry but have been involved in operations in the town.”

He was full of praise for the team that he has inherited and will be looking to build on the good work which has been carried out so far.

Insp Hall said: “There has been a lot of good work which has been carried out by the team at Daventry.

“There are one or two specific areas that we want to look at, which is burglary and theft from motor vehicles.”

In recently released crime statistics, burglary went up 2.7 per cent year on year while vehicle crime, which includes theft from motor vehicles, went down 24.1 per cent.

He also talked about some of the issues facing the mainly rural Daventry area.

Insp Hall said: “As the Daventry area is very rural, there are a lot of crossover areas, so we are looking to work closely with our colleagues at Warwickshire Police, especially because the Daventry district is a very big area.”

He is also hoping to encourage a wider sense of community by creating more opportunities for volunteers.

Insp Hall added: “We are seeing the start of the new police cadets scheme this week.

“There is a lot of volunteer roles out there for people to get involved and this will enhance what the police can offer, not be a replacement for it.

“It is an exciting opportunity for people to get involved and help further enhance the community spirit in the town.”

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