Mass resignations leave one parish councillor to represent Daventry district village

Spratton Parish Council has seen five resignations in a fornight.
Spratton Parish Council has seen five resignations in a fornight.

Five more members of a parish council in Spratton have resigned, leaving just one man to represent the village alone.

The formerly 10-person Spratton Parish Council had already been reduced to six in the last fortnight, after four members resigned with some citing ‘personal reasons’.

And five more members have now stepped down en masse, leaving only Paul Vellam as a one-man council.

Councillor Vellam said he believed his insistence that the council followed proper process may have contributed to the others’ disgruntlement.

He also said issues he raised on behalf of members of the public were not always well-received.

He said: “There were things such as making the old cemetery into a pocket park where people didn’t feel their opinions were listened to.

“I suppose my making sure the council followed due process didn’t make me popular, but I think, as the first tier of Goverment, if you don’t stick to the rules you bring the whole thing into disrepute.”

In an email to Councillor Vellam, councillors Bill Blowfield, John Hunt, Ruaraidh Walker, Jay Tindale and Mark Pacey said they were stepping down because of ‘disruptive behaviour’.

An election to replace the first four councillors to resign had been pencilled in for the end of October. It is understood that the same date may now see all 10 seats re-elected.