Maps ‘upgrade’ deletes Daventry

AN upgrade for iPhone users has wiped Daventry off the map.

People with the popular smartphone could upgrade to a new 
operating system – iOS 6 – on Thursday last week.

The upgrade removed the previous Google Maps app and replaced it with Apple’s own new mapping system.

But just to prove that new is not always better Apple maps has mislabelled Daventry.

Searching for the town will still bring up the right location, but the name shown on screen is Leamington. Leamington itself is simply labelled ‘Royal Spa’.

People also reported problems that some of the locations of shops and businesses in the High Street were in the wrong place.

Within hours people were talking about the problem online – Si Jobling from Crick tweeted: “I need to find somewhere in the middle of Daventry later with no satnav and iOS6 maps. I’m doomed.”

Kevin Simmonds wrote: “I reported this error to Apple several weeks back, glad they listened! Zoom into the High Street as well, many out of place businesses.”

And Lew Bear said: “Ironically, that kind of thing might actually put Daventry on the map.”

Apple said it appreciated all the customer feedback it was receiving about the app and would work hard to improve it.