Man impaled on metal spikes

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A father of three who was impaled on metal railings after the ladder he was standing on gave way, has praised the actions of the Air Ambulance service.

Matt Edwards, 36, from New Street, in Weedon, said he had a ‘lucky escape’ after falling 10ft on to two metal spikes.

He said: “We were having an extension built and there was a large bank of earth at the back of the house. I needed to get to the garden so I carefully climbed the ladder, but it gave way and I fell.

“I was dangling about a foot off the ground suspended by metal rods through my arm and leg. It all happened in slow motion and, as I fell, I remember making myself twist my body to miss my spine, head and organs.”

Mr Edward’s wife, Kit, 35, lifted him from the railings.

She said: “I saw him fall and I ran to the garden to untangle him from the ladder. Lifting his arm off the spikes is something I will never forget, it was horrific.”

Mrs Edwards had undergone a Caesarean section only four weeks before the accident and had been told not to lift anything heavy. She said at the time the only thing on her mind was getting her husband off the spikes. The couple’s two-year-old son, Freddie, was sitting in his high chair and also saw his father fall.

The air ambulance flew Mr Edwards to a specialist trauma unit in Coventry within 10 minutes, a journey that would have taken 50 minutes by land. His deep lacerations, torn muscles and bruised nerves were operated on the next day.

He said: “I was home a few days later on crutches and held together by 40 staples.”

Mr Edwards has regained almost full movement in his arm and leg, but has lost some sensation.

He said: “The air ambulance is a charity run entirely on donations, it is outstanding and a credit to all involved.”

Following Matt Edward’s accident, he and his family are holding a photographic fund-raiser on November 9 in aid of the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance service. Photographer Mrs Edwards, is giving away 45-minute portrait sessions with all donations going to the cause. She said: “I have flown with the air ambulance and have met many patients who have been rescued and they all have wonderful stories to tell.

“We are lucky to have the air ambulance and though I never thought I’d need it ,this has gone to show that accidents can happen to anyone.”

The photo sessions will take place at Weedon Chapel Rooms in New Street, Weedon. For more information or to book a place, contact Mrs Edwards on 07837650467 or email

The air ambulance is currently looking for volunteers in many of its job roles. For more information, 
visit their website at