Man arrested after falling into canal

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POLICE have arrested a 34-year-old man who drunkenly fell into Braunston Marina while in charge of a boat.

Officers were called to Dark Lane at 2.50am today following a call from a concerned member of the public.

An officer at the scene tweeted: “Just dealt with an offence not even my crewmate of 15 years in the job has come across - drunk while in charge of a boat.

“Someone called us and told us the person had fallen into the canal and got back out and seemed rather drunk.”

A police spokesman confirmed that a man was arrested at the scene.

Tim Coghlan, owner of Braunston Marina, said: “They brought in legislation against this a couple of years ago and it’s quite sensible. I have seen the effects of drunkenness on the canals and these restrictions have got to be reinforced.

“If you’re tied up and not going anywhere then fine, but a boat under propulsion can be a dangerous thing.

“The big problem is cheap alcohol. People load up with lots of cans and cheap booze and then think they can sensibly look after a narrowboat.”