Making cash for council

Daventry District Council Offices
Daventry District Council Offices

A new hotel in Daventry, more homes to rent, and funding a new primary school in town are some of the projects the district council is looking at.

The council will be outlining its budget at a strategy group meeting tonight (Thursday).

Daventry District Council says it is expecting a 13.8 per cent reduction in its funding from the Government when the local government finance settlement for 2014/15 is announced next month.

Measures already identified to bridge the deficit for the next financial year include additional savings to running costs, such as printing and contract reviews, which will reduce spending by more than £100,000 next year.

The council is set to get extra cash from schemes including the joint crematorium development with Rugby Borough Council, due to be completed early next year, and from the new homes for private rent at Middlemore.

Money-generating proposals by the council include spending £2.8 million on a hotel on the Site 3 development off Eastern Way to then lease to an operator to generate £155,000 annually.

Members will consider a £4.5 million project for a new primary school – run as a free school – of between 180 and 300 pupils to serve the under construction Monksmoor estate in northern Daventry.

There are also proposals for £5 million to build homes owned by DDC for private rent, similar to a scheme launched by the council earlier in the year on Middlemore.

DDC will also propose spending £50,000 on a feasibility study for a new leisure centre to serve the eastern part of the district, particularly Northampton’s expansion.

Resources portfolio holder, Cllr Jo Gilford, said: “Although the pressure continues on local government funding, we have planned well as an authority over the past four years to tackle our financial challenges and this is reflected in our draft budget proposals that go before councillors next week. Moving forward, it is essential that we maintain a balanced financial position whilst continuing to deliver outcomes for improving our district.

“That is why many of the proposed schemes for our Medium-term Financial Plan aim to meet our objectives – from improving leisure and education provision to protecting our district’s identity – and also result in generating new income streams to help us maintain the services we provide to our community.”