Majority back new dog rules for Daventry district

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A majority of responses to Daventry District Council’s dog rules consultation backed new rules requiring all dog walkers to carry means to pick up after their pet.

The proposed new rules will go before the council’s strategy group tonight (Thursday), and if backed by the councillors the new rules will be passed to full council which will decide whether to introduce them.

The new rules will introduce an offence of not being able to produce a means to pick up after your dog when requested by a council officer, and failure to keep a dog on a lead in designated areas of Daventry Country Park.

The results of the consultation show overall 73 per cent of people agreed with introducing the rule about carrying items to pick up dog mess at all times while walking a dog; 69 per cent of those who had a dog backed the move, compared to 82 per cent who did not.

The proposal to require dogs be kept on leads in parts of the Country Park was backed by 58 per cent over all, and has been put forward by DDC.

The new rules will join failing to pick up after your dog, allowing dogs into designated children’s playgrounds, and failing to put a lead on an out-of-control dog when directed to do so. All the offences will have a £100 fine.

The rules will apply to all land the public, or section of the public, has access to – including privately owned land like shop car parks, footpaths over farmland, and parish-owned parks or greens.

A proposal that dogs be kept on leads in all areas of the Country Park was backed by 54 per cent of non-dog owners, and 17 per cent of dog owners. Overall that was 29 per cent in favour of the rule, so DDC has recommended not to introduce it.

If introduced the report says for the first three months officers will use their discretion and adopt an informal and educational approach to the new rules to educate dog owners. A campaign will also run to highlight the new rules to the public