Lorry blocks country lane near Daventry after getting stuck under railway bridge

The bridge where the lorry got stuck
The bridge where the lorry got stuck

A lorry carrying a load of beer has got jammed under a low rail bridge.

The lorry was travelling down Furnace Lane between Nether Heyford at the A5 when it got stuck at the old railway bridge shortly before 1.30pm today (December 29).

The bridge has a clearance of just 9ft 9ins, and is also narrow.

The vehicle is carrying kegs, believed to be filled with beer, some of which were damaged in the collision and are leaking their contents onto the road.

The road has been closed by police as they work to remove the stricken lorry and check the bridge.

A resident who saw the aftermath said: “The driver must have gone past five signs warning about the low bridge.

“We get lorries coming along here all the time, and when they realise the bridge is too low they end up using people’s drives to turn around on.”