Long queues outside Daventry’s recycling centre and tip

Photo from Tamlyn Coleman @tcmeuk
Photo from Tamlyn Coleman @tcmeuk

There have been long queues once again outside Daventry’s Browns Road tip today (Friday).

Tamlyn Coleman reported waiting in a queue outside the tip at around midday.

Photo from Tamlyn Coleman @tcmeuk

Photo from Tamlyn Coleman @tcmeuk

He said the queue was at least 17 cars waiting to get onto the site and unload, and he had been waiting for more than 25 minutes just to get to the gate for the tip.

Problems with queuing to get into the tip emerged after Northamptonshire County Council, which runs the site, changed the opening hours last year.

The tip now opens from 10am to 6pm every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays – possibly leading to extra people wanting to use it today during the Easter school holidays.

The later opening and mid-week closure have been blamed by some for the appearance of queues.

The queues are not only frustrating for drivers, but pose a problem for nearby businesses which can struggle to get deliveries while their customers also face problems getting in. In some instances the queues have back up to the roundabout at the end of the road, posing a danger to motorists.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “The Easter holidays are always a very busy time at our household waste recycling centres, so we would ask people to be patient if they do find congestion at peak times.

“The recycling centre at Daventry is open daily Friday to Tuesday from 10am to 6pm and it seems the busiest time is around 10am each day. To help people plan their visit and minimise the chance of encountering queues, they can view web cams on the county council’s website to see how busy the sites are before they set off.”

In May last year after the problems first arose, the leader of Daventry District Council Chris Millar said he would write to the county council asking them to review their decision to change the tip’s opening hours. No changes were made by the county council.