Long queues at Daventry tip ‘unacceptable’ says town council

Cllr Lynne Taylor
Cllr Lynne Taylor

Lengthy queues at Daventry’s tip and recycling centre have been branded as ‘unacceptable’ by members of the town council.

The issue was discussed by Daventry Town Council last week.

Councillors agreed the long queues being experienced on Browns Road were unacceptable, and also agreed they believed flytipping was increasing directly as a result.

Cllr Lynne Taylor told the Daventry Express: “We pay for a service through our council tax.

“For them to turn around and say ‘check the webcameras’ when you’ve got a car full of waste, or to suggest if there’s a queue at Daventry to drive elsewhere and spend money on petrol, well it’s not acceptable.

“What you expect is to be able to drive to your local tip, wait a couple of minutes, unload the rubbish, and leave.

“What we’re hearing about it long queues to get in, sometimes the skips are full when you get inside, and people have even reported that there’s been no one on duty at times.

“Usually tips are on their own access road, but not in Daventry. We have businesses, the sports ground, and the football club along there. Tempers are fraying when some motorists have been queuing and they see others driving past the queue. They’re not queue-jumping, they’re just trying to get to their business.

“We’ve also had anecdotal evidence that flytipping has increased. Whether that’s linked to the reduction in tip hours, or the queues, you can’t say. But it could be the district council is having to clean up the mess.

“The county says it’s monitoring the situation at Daventry tip. But we want to know how they are monitoring it, and if they’ll do anything about it.”