'Locking up child sex attackers won't be enough' says NSPCC after Northamptonshire case

Northampton Crown CourtNorthampton Crown Court
Northampton Crown Court
The NSPCC says jail is not enough for a Northamptonshire couple found guilty of 18 charges of sex attacks against children.

Gavin Kennedy, 40, and partner Jessica Stone, 33, will be sentenced later this month after being convicted following a week-long trial during which the jury was told they worked together in sexually assaulting children and forcing them to commit lewd acts.

Northampton Crown Court, prosecutor Nicola Moore, said on Monday October 31 that Kennedy had been the initial instigator for the acts, which she claimed sprang from a taste in extreme pornography and a “voracious sexual appetite”.

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Following the Chronicle & Echo's reporting of the trial, the NSPCC said more than a prison sentence needed to be imposed.

"“Kennedy’s unhealthy interest in pornography developed into something much more sinister. The horrific acts he committed with his partner will no doubt leave a devastating impact on the lives of his victims.

“Just locking them up however up won’t be enough - an effective treatment programme for Kennedy and Stone should be considered to ensure they doesn’t pose a risk to children when released.

“Anyone who has concerns about a child should call the police, or contact our helpline on 0808 800 5000.”

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The pair have been released on continuing bail to appear in court again on December 12 for sentencing.

Recorder Ashworth QC told the court that the couple should have “no unsupervised contact with any persons under 18 unless avoidable in every day life” while they are on bail.

The case will resume once a pre-sentence report has been completed on the “dangerousness of the case”.

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