LOCAL ELECTIONS: Conservatives take all 12 seats in Daventry District Council election

The Conservatives won all 12 seats on offer on Daventry District Council
The Conservatives won all 12 seats on offer on Daventry District Council

The Conservatives have increased their majority on Daventry District Council after they won all 12 seats on offer in this year’s election.

After the ballot papers were counted at Daventry Leisure Centre today, the Tories held nine seats and won three more, including two from Labour and one from UKIP.

The Conservatives now hold 31 of the 36 seats on the council, with two Labour, two UKIP and one Liberal Democrat.

Council leader Chris Millar said the Conservative gains were the result of a “positive campaign”.

He said: “Our teams work very hard on the ground and this shows the positive message has worked.

“Every year we are put to the test as our opponents always stand in every seat. It was a high turnout and we never take anything for granted.”

One of the seven new councillors was 25-year-old Amy Howard, who will now represent Drayton ward in Daventry. Her father Wayne Howard was also elected to represent Hill ward.

Ms Howard said: “I have always been interested in politics locally but after I had my daughter I became particularly interested in thinking about the place she was going to grow up in.

“I stood last year and finished third but this year we seemed to get a really good response on the doorstep.”

Mr Howard said he thought the national support for the Tories had also helped him gain more votes locally.

He said: “A lot of the issues highlighted on the doorstep included the national debt and immigration.”

The full results for Daventry District were:

Abbey North (i seat)

JAMES David, The Conservative Party Candidate 1299 Elected

LUKE Maureen Labour Party 871

SCRIVEN Peter John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 757

Electors: 5317

Ballot papers:2943

Turnout: 55.35%

Rejected papers: 16

Abbey South (1 seat)

LEIGHTON Jennifer UK Independence Party (UKIP) 722

WESLEY Mark The Conservative Party Candidate 1505 Elected

WILLIAMS Rich Labour Party 762

Electors: 4952

Ballot papers: 3007

Turnout: 60.72%

Rejected papers: 18

Barby & Kilsby (1 seat)

LOMAX Brian Liberal Democrats 845

RITCHIE Betty Labour Party 450

ROBERTSON Ian The Conservative Party Candidate 1440 Elected

Electors: 3662

Ballot papers: 2769

Turnout: 75.61%

Rejected papers: 33

Brixworth (1 seat)

BUNTING Nick The Conservative Party Candidate 2601 Elected

MCNALLY Robert Labour Party 726

WHIFFEN Steve Green Party 517

Electors: 5322

Ballot papers: 3870

Turnout: 72.27%

Rejected papers: 25

Drayton (1 seat)

FREUDENREICH Inge Nina Liberal Democrats 96

HOWARD Amy The Conservative Party Candidate 1018 Elected

POINTER Steve UK Independence Party (UKIP) 609

RITCHIE KenLabour and Co-operative Party 885

WILSON Tim Independent 175

Electors: 4570

Ballot papers: 2793

Turnout: 61.12%

Rejected papers: 11

Hill (1 seat)

ARNOLD Mike Labour Party 644

HOWARD Wayne The Conservative Party Candidate 1233 Elected

MACANNDRAIS Eric UK Independence Party (UKIP) 589

Electors: 4230

Ballot papers: 2479

Turnout: 58.61%

Rejected papers: 18

Long Buckby (1 seat)

DEXTER Ian UK Independence Party (UKIP) 774

MYERS Chris Labour Party 962

OSBORNE Diana Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 2075 Elected

Electors: 5228

Ballot papers:3838

Turnout: 73.41%

Rejected papers: 26

Moulton (1 seat)

CRIBBIN Daniel Peter The Conservative Party Candidate 1623 Elected

MARYAN Mark Anthony Gunther Labour Party 497

WHITE Kevin Peter Green Party 367

Electors: 3570

Ballot papers: 2514

Turnout: 70.42%

Rejected papers: 27

Walgrave (1 seat)

CARTER Ann The Conservative Party Candidate 731 Elected

LUKE Peter Labour Party 145

SIMONS Kevin Edward Independent 275

TITE Stuart Edward Green Party 75

Electors: 1614

Ballot papers: 1236

Turnout: 76.58%

Rejected papers: 10

Weedon (1 seat)

AMOS Johnnie The Conservative Party Candidate 2181 Elected

GALE John Clifford UK Independence Party (UKIP) 684

OGDEN Ray Labour Party 619

SALAMAN Christopher R Liberal Democrats 303

Electors: 5098

Ballot papers: 3800

Turnout: 74.54%

Rejected papers: 13

Welford (1 seat)

AUGER Richard The Conservative Party Candidate 1672 Elected

Booker Pam UK Independence Party (UKIP) 395

MYERS Sue Labour Party 520

Electors: 3322

Ballot papers: 2600

Turnout: 78.27

Rejected papers: 12

Woodford (1 seat)

GILFORD Jo The Conservative Party Candidate 2399 Elected

MARSH Emma Labour Party 808

WEBB Sappho Green Party 486

Electors: 5392

Ballot papers: 3727

Turnout: 69.12%

Rejected papers: 32