LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Conservative leader of Daventry District Council pleased with outcome

Chris Millar
Chris Millar

The leader of Daventry District Council said he is pleased with the "positive result" of the elections which saw his Conservative Party win 11 of the 13 wards on the ballot.

The result means the council is now made up of 30 Conservative members, five Labour councillors, and one Liberal Democrat after UKIP conceded both of its seats to Labour.

Colin Poole

Colin Poole

One of the Labour victories saw longstanding councillor and economic, regeneration and employment portfolio holder Colin Poole, who was standing in Abbey North, lose out to Aiden Ramsey (Lab).

“I’m very pleased with the outcome, we won 11 out of 13 and some of them were very hard-fought, to be fair to the opposition they gave us a good run for our money," said Councillor Millar.

“We’re very sorry to lose Colin Poole. He’s been a councillor for many, many years and has been on the town centre regeneration and economic side of things so we’re very sorry to see him lose.

“I’m sure he’ll keep a close eye on things from the sidelines.

“But we welcome four new members to our team, which is great.”

Changes to portfolio holders will be made at the full council meeting on May 16.

Speaking after his defeat, Mr Poole said: "I'm proud to have achieved what I have achieved which is to improve the primary education in Daventry and the college and looking forward to the Sponne school coming to Daventry.

"When I took over the portfolio, the occupancy in our commercial properties was in the lower 80s, I've now brought it up to 100 per cent occupancy, which is bringing in a little over £2 million revenue into the coffers at Daventry to be able to maintain our services.

"My ambition towards retail will come to fruition in a few months' time and the much sought-after cinema will come to fruition and I sincerely hope they choose the option of a cinema complex which has a bar and a bistro so it will add a leisure experience as opposed to just going to a cinema."

This year's polling was likely the last district council elections in Daventry after the Government's Best Value inspection report into Northamptonshire County Council recommended the county's political landscape be changed to a unitary model.

“It’s a positive result and it gives us a clear mandate and what we’re keen to do now is deliver what we can in the time we’re still a district council," said Councillor Millar.

“Because we are debt free, we have low council tax levels and what usually happens when you merge into a unitary is the council tax levels equalise out so our taxpayers are gonna see I rise, I think because Northampton Borough and South Northants, if that’s how it ends up, are both high compared to our levels.

“So our taxpayers’ levels will start to go accelerate up more so that’s a bit of a concern.

“But we can’t do much about that. It’s the Government’s will and that’s what will happen.”