Local clergy take a trip to the Far East

A vicar from Welton joined others from the Daventry area in a trip to South Korea.

The Rev Chrys Tremththanmor, who is a team vicar at Daventry, was one of six people who went including the Rev Liz Cowley, from Staverton. It was led by the Bishop of Brixworth, the Rt Rev John Holbrook.

They visited the Far East country from April 5 to 15

Speaking about her experiences, Rev Tremththanmor said: “Among the things we discovered was that the various social projects run by the church gave me food for thought. I was amazed by the beauty of the traditional buildings, palaces, old churches and old temples. I was struck by the very different church culture.”

She delivered lectures to around 30 lay and clergy people as part of the diocese’s development of a lay ministry training. She visited the de-militarised zone but foundpeople were focused on getting on with life.

Rev Tremththanmor added:“They’ve had 60 years of living with North Korea just over the border. It was the much older folk who were more worried.”