Listed status to protect memorial

Daventry War Memorial has received listed status as part of a scheme to protect 500 sites across the country for the WW1 centenary.

The memorial in Daventry Holy Cross Churchyard off Abbey Street holds the names of 114 local soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War, and 31 who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Daventry’s memorial was put forward for protection by a volunteer for the War Memorials Trust. The organisation is working to list war memorials and encourage people to report any in poor condition so they can be repaired.

Daventry Town Council is responsible for the memorial. Town clerk Deborah Jewel said: “The council has been in liaison with English Heritage and given its whole support throughout the process.”

Roger Bowdler, designation director at English Heritage, added: “These memorials will gain a place on the National Heritage List for England to tell the story of this country’s sacrifice and struggle.”

Daventry memorial will be granted grade two listed status. This means English Heritage considers the site of national importance.

It means planning authorities must bear in mind any impact on the the war memorial and its setting when considering planning applications for nearby developments or buildings.

Speaking on the listing of Daventry’s memorial, the Secretary of State for Culture Sajid Javid: “Over a million Britons lost their lives in the First World War.

“It’s important that their sacrifice is not forgotten, and that the lessons learnt during that time are as resonant now as they were then.

“The centenary programme aims to bring us together more closely as a nation to honour the lives and bravery of all those who served.

“War memorials are a valued part of our heritage and it is absolutely fitting that we cherish and preserve them.”