List of candidates for Daventry District Council and Daventry Town Council

MPMC Ballot Box
MPMC Ballot Box

There will be a number of candidates standing for next week’s elections.

Here is a full list of candidates.

Daventry District Council

Abbey North ward

John Andrews (Labour)

Nigel Carr (UKIP)

Gloria Edwards-Davidson (Conservative)

Abbey South ward

Peter Luke (Labour)

Eric Macanndrais (UKIP)

Colin Morgan (Conservative)

Mark Wesley (Independent)

Brixworth ward

Simon Hall (Liberal Democrats)

Marie McNally (Labour)

Kevin Parker (Conservative)

Stephen Pointer (UKIP)

Stephen Whiffen (Green)

Drayton ward

Sean Connors (UKIP)

Inge Freudenreich (Liberal Democrat)

Amy Howard (Conservative)

Ken Ritchie (Labour)

Hill ward

Robert McNally (Labour)

Colin Poole (Conservative)

Keith Simpson (UKIP)

Long Buckby ward

Ian Dexter (UKIP)

Neil Farmer (Liberal Democrat)

Chris Myers (Labour)

Steve Osborne (Conservative)

Moulton ward

Pamela Brooker (UKIP)

Mark Maryan (Labour)

Mike Warren (Conservative)

Spratton ward

Barry Frenchman (Conservative)

Jennifer Leighton (UKIP)

Elizabeth Ritchie (Labour)

Weedon ward

Emma Collins (Labour)

John Gale (UKIP)

Tom Price (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Christopher Salaman (Liberal Democrat)

David Smith (Conservative)

Welford ward

Cecile Irving-Swift (Conservative)

Sue Myers (Labour)

Woodford ward

Richard Buck (Labour)

Bob Patchett (Conservative)

Tony Scott (UKIP)

Yelvertoft ward

Alan Chantler (Conservative)

Janet John (Labour)

Gail Smith (UKIP)

There will be elections in the following wards for Daventry Town Council

Abbey North ward

Peter Randall

Karen Tweedale

Abbey South ward

Lynn Jones

Eric Macanndrais

Mark Wesley

Daneholme ward

Sean Connors

Sheila Game

Drayton ward

Ron Fox

Zeshan Hussain

Peter Luke

Wendy Randall

Glenda Simmonds

Gail Smith

Lynne Taylor