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A selection of letters to the Daventry Express (April 14)

Crossing lights aren’t needed

I SHOULD like to give the answer David Spree seeks in last week’s Gusher concerning the installation of pelican lights adjacent to the underpass by the iCon building.

He obviously missed the article in a recent issue of this paper whereby the district council were reported as saying a controlled crossing at this point was necessary so that users of the iCon building could get to the car park under the new retail park.

It went on to say that the entrance door to the building was too far for people to walk to the underpass.

Cllr Steve Tubb had the foresight at the time to be aware that having such a crossing so near to a busy roundabout would be dangerous and proposes to put a 30mph speed limit on that stretch of road.

I suggested at the time that a footbridge over the road would alleviate this problem but was ignored.

Mr Spree is correct when he says this crossing is an unnecessary expense when you realise the lights will be using electricity seven days a week, 24 hours a day, even when the building is not occupied.

This at a time when the Northamptonshire County Council are due to make cut backs on street lighting and the replacement of failed lights is under review.

Brian Green


Where do I get a speed permit?

I WONDER whether any of your readers can tell me where I can obtain a permit entitling me to drive at speeds of up to 20mph above the limits displayed on the A361.

These limits are variously 30, 40 and 50 mph but I am regularly overtaken by drivers who hold such permits.

Having been on two excellent Speed Awareness courses in Northampton, I am surprised that I was not informed about these permits at the time. Indeed, we were assured that the speed limits applied, without exception, to all road users.

However, I must be mistaken in my belief – perhaps certain of the newer, more expensive vehicles come complete with a certificate, entitling the driver to choose what speed best suits his personal timetable.

Meanwhile, I can only apologise if my dawdling along at the stated speed limit results in permit holders arriving a few seconds late for their appointments.

Bob Caldwell


Canal arm row rages on

IS Dean Hawkey standing as a prospective councillor in the forthcoming local elections, with the sole policy of having a canal/marina in Daventry, as his statement in last week’s Gusher seemed to imply this.

Last year’s referendum over the canal/marina not being wanted in Daventry was supported by people from all political persuasions.

One of the reasons a lot of people don’t want a canal in the town is because of the loss of an important educational facility, namely the outdoor swimming pool.

Let us not forget why the outdoor pool was built. With the drowning of several children in Daventry’s reservoirs, history must not be repeated. The referendum voiced the communities’ concerns.

So when the prospective councillors come canvassing for my vote I will ask them if they support a canal being built in Daventry.

If they support the idea then I will not be voting for them, irrespective of what political persuasion they are.

I hope that you do the same.

Bob Waldock


DID the Chairman of Daventry Canal Association hit the nail on the head in The Gusher last week when he said “The forthcoming vote will be the real test of local opinion”?

Will Abbey South re-elect the DDC portfolio holder for economic rejuvenation and a “driving force” behind the PODs and canal, or will they put personal politics to one side this time and re-enact the local referendum - sending the clearest possible message to Lodge Road.

Perhaps we should all be canvassing the people of Abbey South before the local elections on May 5!

Mike Fletcher


WHAT letter did he read? I refer to town councillor Mark Wesley’s letter in last week’s Daventry Express.

Nowhere the previous week did I say that the “Parish Poll” had no meaning or that I ignore the views of anybody that voted, unlike town councillor Eric Macanndrais who thought it outrageous that someone should have a differing view to him.

If Cllr Wesley reads the letter again I merely corrected the numerous mistakes and misinformation of his town council colleague the previous week.

Cllr Wesley goes on to state “vast expenditure on consultants” by the DDC.

However, if he cares to read the report of the scrutiny committee on this subject it was proven to be not the case.

I would ask how he has the gall to make such a statement when his administration set aside £50,000 for consultants for their museum - equal to almost one fifth of the annual budget.

He says I am a keen champion of the public purse, which is true, but he must be totally naive if he thinks I attend meetings and keep quiet about the £380,000 he claims was spent on the PRT system when he omitted the fact that in excess of £250,000 came from grant funding not from ratepayers.

The associated transport conference led to Daventry being recognised world wide and contributed to the positive agenda bringing hundreds of jobs to the area and being cited in the press as an economic micro-climate bucking the national trend.

In reply to the question about democracy, I was elected, unlike the members who now constitute the town council, all returned unopposed thus confirming the apathy surrounding this organisation, another round of co-options come to mind.

Cllr Colin Poole


Look at HS2 press reports

I WOULD urge anyone who is interested in the HS2 consultation to check progress via the websites of the newspapers local to the venues which have been visited.

The Uxbridge Gazette is particularly good.

The members of the public who attended one of the consultations reported amongst other comments that the representatives of HS2 hid their nametags under lapels and fobbed off those souls who had intelligent questions to ask concerning the business plan and the huge environmental damage planned for the local community.

By the time that the roadshow gets to this region, the representatives of the indefensible enterprise will be well-versed in their trickery.

Do not believe a word of the HS2 claim to be listening to the public. The roadshows are con tricks.

Margaret Holland


Town can cope with downturn

IT’S good to see some positive economic news about Daventry (Town jobs boost, Daventry Express, April 7).

With rising fuel, food and general living costs, many people are struggling to make ends meet, but at least there will be enough jobs to go around for the townsfolk.

However, it would be nice to see a few high-skilled jobs rather than more and more distribution warehouses.

A Turner


Cabaret was a musical treat

I WOULD like to express my appreciation to the students of Danetre School who provided quite fabulous entertainment last week in their performance of Cabaret.

At a time when all too frequently people find causes to complain about young people of the area, it is very pleasing to see such talent and hard work expressing itself for others to enjoy.

Well done and thank you to the students and staff.

C A Barker