Letters to the Editor

A selection of letters to the Daventry Express (February 24)

Petitions saved advice service

I WOULD like to thank the good residents of Daventry who signed the petition organised by Advice Daventry protesting against the threat of cuts to the organisation’s funding.

I was able to present this to officers at County Hall together with those organised by Corby Borough Welfare Rights & Citizens Advice Bureau and that from Northampton Community Law Service.

The combination of the petitions from across the county strengthened the case that I was able to make to my fellow councillors.

As readers of the Daventry Express will now be aware, following a robust review of this issue by the county’s scrutiny committee, the cabinet have listened to the views of residents and sensibly amended their proposal accordingly.

This is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when residents come together with a focused objective to right what was obviously going to be a wrong.

Councty Cllr Chris Long

Bus route is vital for village

IT HAS become apparent that our D6 Bus route, through Norton to Daventry may be cut.

I, and I am sure many others in our village, feel cutting this service will disadvantage those who rely on it.

I appeal to our county councillors to support rural villages such as Norton, in our efforts to preserve this service.

At the moment it is predominately the elderly that rely on the service but I am sure young people will have to rely on it more in the future, especially in rural areas.

Central and local government have asked villages to identify and build, where needed, affordable housing in our villages.

Norton is playing its part in this. It surely makes sense that the groups these affordable homes are aimed at, would be likely to require local transport services too, whether it be to travel to colleges in Daventry or Northampton or to work.

I understand that it is not economically viable to have empty buses on our roads but we ask that bus companies, district councils, planners etc get their heads together and come up with a bus network that services local needs.

Priorities must be to get people from rural areas to work and colleges in the mornings and bring them home in the evenings.

Buses that arrive in Daventry and Northampton, before 8am and 9 am, and return between 5pm and 6pm would be necessary, as well as servicing the needs of the elderly, for appointments, hospitals and shopping centres.

As our district councillors decide where the axe is to fall, please remember buses are a lifeline for those who use them in these testing times.

Steve Yates

Norton Parish Councillor

Fears for future of local shops

SOME time ago it was announced who would be occupying the units in the new Daventry Retail Park. The Gusher printed a letter of mine in which I forecast the demise of many long-established businesses in the High Street.

I see my prediction has started to come true with the closure of Nobles.

This store has served Daventry for many years and will be sorely missed by me and, I should think, many others. With its closure what are we to be left with but a junk shop? OK, you can call it recycling if you like but it’s still other people’s junk and a poor reflection on a High Street in what is supposed to be a thriving market town. Who will be next to shut its doors because of loss of trade?

Brian Green

Ashby Fields


High praise for music concert

THANK you very much for featuring the concert by Fiori Musicali at Sulgrave on Saturday, 19th February. My wife and I attended and were treated to an evening of superb music, very well performed in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

All too often so-called ‘serious’ music is portrayed as stuffy and of very limited appeal. With Fiori Musicali the reverse is true.

Their concerts are deservedly always well attended, they frequently feature national and international stars, the standard of performance is as good as you would hear in the concert halls of the capital, and all this on our doorstep in Northamptonshire.

Fiori have, for nearly 30 years, offered concerts of early music at local venues, often in churches but also in historic houses and in schools. I would very much hope that you make a review of their concerts a regular feature.

More information is available from fiori-musicali.com

I would urge readers of the Daventry Express to attend one (at least!) of this year’s concerts.

I’m sure everyone would find it exhilarating and, who knows, it could lead to a life- long association with Fiori - to mutual advantage!

Tom Clay

Pods? Beam me up, Scotty

I CONTINUE to be amazed at the lack of vision displayed by DDC.

Why are they stuck in the world of pods and cyber buses? It is time to show some imagination and be prepared to boldly go where no other local authority in the world has gone before.

The transporters that have been known to Star Trek viewers since the mid 1960s convert a person or object into an energy pattern (a process called dematerialization), then “beam” it to a target, where it is reconverted into matter (rematerialization).

Surely the advantage this system would have in terms of the minimal infrastructure required is obvious even to the dinosaurs at the council.

Mick Hawes


‘Sane’ decision but what next?

AT LAST, our local politicians have taken a reasoned, considered decision about the pod system and come to the only sane conclusion that this system is just not suitable for Daventry.

How convenient that they have a ready-made, fully-costed system which can instantly be offered as a replacement ...oh, hang on, where are the figures for the GRT system?

Why am I suffering from de ja vu back to the New Labour Government days where, in the face of public dissent to some particular situation instant u-turns, legislation/ “we never intended to do that (reports otherwise are malicious slurs)” claims etc. were introduced.

Did Daventry’s fearless leaders really stand up one week at a conference and put forward a pod system as the way forward, whilst really meaning the GRT system? Is it this that is going to cost £85 million? Oh dear, my brain is beginning to hurt – after all I obviously am missing something fundamental - like how much this new system will cost, perhaps?

David Krampf

We still need more answers

WILL someone please tell me how Daventry District Council can go from one week of saying the pods are the best thing since sliced bread and will only cost £85 million to the following week they are too expensive and we are not looking at them anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe there was any ever need for them in Daventry, but somebody should be held accountable for this. How much as been spent looking at the idea?

Also is the same person who come up with the idea the same person who thinks a canal and marina will be good for Daventry? That idea also needs putting to bed.

I remember last year voting on it and nearly four out every five people who voted were against it.

This goverment is saying about handing down power to the people, is Daventry District Council going to do the same?

Tony Branigan