Letters appeal for common sense solution

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Daventry District Council has attempted to prevent the completion of unnecessary work on the Timken Estate by sending out letters of appeal.

At the request of Cllr Chris Long DDC sent a letter to developer Taylor Wimpey on Monday requesting they do not complete work on a tank trap on the estate as there is no requirement for it.

Taylor Wimpey currently intend to complete work on the estate’s roads, which includes installing a hydraulic rise and fall barrier on Taper way. This is in order to meet their agreement with Northamptonshire County Council to ensure the road is ready for adoption which will then release a bank bond with NCC.

Cllr Long said that due to health and safety the tank trap, which would restrict access on and off the estate, would have to be removed after installation wasting time and money.

He also received feedback from a number of residents that they did not want the work to go ahead.

He has since sought the support of offices from DDC and also sent a letter to NCC appealing for a solution to the problem.

NCC’s director of roads may relieve Taylor Wimpey of their obligation to install the devise.

Cllr Long said: “I hope that a common sense approach is taken at NCC in order that this matter can be resolved to residents satisfaction prior to any road works commencing.”