Letter’s warning to businesses in town

The manager of the Daventry Business Partnership has defended a letter to local businesses which some have branded threatening.

The letter, which outlines the consequences of not re-electing the Business Improvement District, was sent out to traders on January 29.

It states that should the BID, which will bring a £750,000 investment to promote the town, be unsuccessful a collection of the radios and equipment that provide a link to CCTV and wardens would commence.

It also states that individuals banned from town centre shops would be contacted to say that restriction was void.

DBP manager Sally Halson said the letter was a form of advanced noticed.

She said: “The letter was formal, not chatty. I had to send it and I have done.

“Legally when the scheme ends these banned people have to be notified anyway and this letter was an advanced notice to business people to inform them of that.”

However manager at Nowlans Peter Kempsell said: “It’s a threat. I mean it’s not blackmail, but it almost feels like it.”

Owner of the Danetre Party Shop Sarah Holmes disagreed.

She said: “I actually liked the letter because it acted as a reminder of what I would lose if the BID is unsuccessful.”

Owner of the Beauty Spot, Gail Holbeche, said she felt she benefited from BID as the street wardens, working with the police to reduce crime, made her feel safe.

She said: “I like knowing the wardens are there, it’s a good thing for my business.”